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Table 2 Strategies developed by dentists with respect to organisational, biomedical, and financial issues associated with people on social assistance

From: Providing care to people on social assistance: how dentists in Montreal, Canada, respond to organisational, biomedical, and financial challenges

Types of issue Solutions developed by dentists
Organisational: how dentists deal with missed appointments 1) Maximising attendance of people on social assistance:
      a) Motivating and/or threatening people
      b) Finding time periods when people are available
      c) Using “reminder” strategies
      d) Avoiding planning sessions in advance and using people as “fillers”
2) Minimising the impact of non-attendance:
      a) Booking appointments at times of the day/week that reduce disruption to a minimum
      b) Shortening clinical sessions and/or double-booking
Biomedical: how dentists deal with treatments not covered by public dental insurance 1) Limiting the therapeutic options to covered services
2) Encouraging people on social assistance to accept non-covered treatment (at their own cost)
3) Performing non-covered treatment at reduced cost or for free
Financial: how dentists deal with the low fees of public dental insurance 1) Avoiding performing covered treatments that offer only a low profit margin
  2) Reducing expenses of the dental clinic