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Table 2 Characteristics of non-participants

From: A qualitative study of integrated care from the perspectives of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and their relatives

Non-participants, n 38
Age in years*: median (range) 74 (42–90)
FEV1 (% of predicted)*: median (range) 38.5 (17–48)
Gender: male/female*, n 14/16
Invited for group: Pilot, n 2
Pulmonary rehabilitation in the municipality, n 7
Pulmonary rehabilitation at the hospital, n 6
No pulmonary rehabilitation, n 10
Recently discharged, n 5
Relatives, n 8
Reason for non-participation: No reason, n 13
Feeling too unwell, n 10
Dates did not match, n 5
Patients declining on behalf of relatives, n 7
  Miscellaneous (miscommunication, nervous to speak in front of strangers, recently moved to nursing home), n 3
  1. *Data for patients were available (n = 30).