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Table 3 List of topics in interview guides for patients and professionals

From: Making sense of a cognitive behavioural therapy intervention for fear of falling: qualitative study of intervention development

  Patients Professionals
Description of any falls and the immediate and longer term impacts of falling  
Development of fear of falling and impacts on activities  
Aims of the clinic and roles of professionals working within it  
Relevance of fear of falling to work at the clinic  
Barriers to addressing fear of falling at the clinic  
Feasibility of recruiting patients from the clinic  
Current approaches to helping patients with fear of falling   
Perceived value of different strategies for patients with concerns about falling (e.g. exercise, environmental adaptations, planning based, psychologically based)
Proposed CBT intervention for fear of falling   
Perceived value of cognitive behavioural therapy for fear of falling
Perceived acceptability of CBT to patients and barriers to participation
Evaluating the outcomes of CBT for fear of falling
Suggested name for CBT intervention