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Table 2 Facilities resources in the baseline survey

From: Pay for performance: an analysis of the context of implementation in a pilot project in Tanzania

Resources (n = 75) %
Staffing: percentage of facilities meeting the ministry’s norms:
Clinical staff
  Hospitals 5
  Health centres 3
  Dispensaries 6
Nursing staff:
  Hospitals NA
  Health centres 4
  Dispensaries 16
Paramedical staff:
  Hospitals NA
  Health centres 10
  Dispensaries 35
  Electricity 69
  Water 73
  Toilet 97
Stock Outs (% facilities reporting in past 90 days)
  Intermittent Preventive Treatment (IPT) 27
  Anti-retroviral drugs (ARV) 70
Functioning Equipment
  Facilities reporting broken equipment 29
  Facilities reporting broken equipments disrupted service delivery 12
  1. Note: NA = data not available.