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Table 2 Performance objectives for healthcare providers and patients

From: Improving patient discharge and reducing hospital readmissions by using Intervention Mapping

Healthcare providers

Discharge information

1a. Complete discharge information

1b. Clear discharge information

1c. Accurate discharge information

Coordination of care

2a. Ensure that follow-up services are being organized at actual discharge

2b. Tailor follow-up care to patient needs and preferences

2c. Organize timely and accurate follow-up

Discharge communication

3a. Seek direct/personal contact with primary care counterpart


3b. Discharge information easily accessible to counterpart care providers and patients (and relatives)

3c. Exchange discharge information on time to primary care counterparts


3d. Inform patient (and relatives) personally and in timely manner


Participation in discharge process

4. Contribute, if capable, to the continuity of care in the discharge process

Awareness of health status and treatment

5. Well aware about medical history and medication use, diagnosis/indication and (side) effects of the treatment, post discharge appointments, scheduled tests and (pending) test results