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Table 1 Overview of studies

From: Do large-scale hospital- and system-wide interventions improve patient outcomes: a systematic review

Study Authors Date Title Type
Larson [37] Larson EL, Early E, Cloonan P, Sugrue S, Parides M. 2000 An organizational climate intervention associated with increased handwashing and decreased nosocomial infections Non-randomised controlled trial
Nowinski [35] Nowinski CJ, Becker SM, Reynolds KS, Beaumont JL, Caprini CA, Hahn EA, Peres A, Arnold BJ. 2007 The impact of converting to an electronic health record on organisational culture and quality improvement Observational study
Grayson [33] Grayson ML, Russo PL, Crulckshank M, Bear JL, Gee CA, Hughes CF, Johnson PD, McCann R, McMillan AJ, Mitchell BG, Selvey CE, Smith RE, Wilkinson I 2011 Outcomes from the first 2 years of the Australian National Hand Hygiene Initiative Observational study
Lilford1 [32] Benning A, Ghaleb M, Suokas A, Dixon-Woods M, Dawson J, Barber N, Franklin BD, Girling A, Hemming K, Carmalt M, Rudge G, Naicker T, Nwulu U, Choudhury S, Lilford R 2011 Large scale organisational intervention to improve patient safety in four UK hospitals: mixed method evaluation Controlled before and after study
Lilford2 [31] Benning A, Dixon-Woods M, Nwulu U, Ghaleb M, Dawson J, Barber N, Franklin BD, Girling A, Hemming K, Carmalt M, Rudge G, Naicker T, Kotecha A, Derrington MC, Lilford R 2011 Multiple component patient safety intervention in English hospitals: controlled evaluation of second phase Controlled before and after study
Muething [34] Muething SE, Goudie A, Schoettker PJ, Donnelly LF, Goodfriend MA, Bracke TM, Brady PW, Wheeler DS, Anderson JM, Kotagal UR. 2012 Quality improvement initiative to reduce serious safety events and improve patient safety culture Observational study