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Table 2 Specification areas, type of specification categories, examples for specification codes and definitions for the different types of specification categories referring to concepts in the medical reports not appropriately codeable with the ICF

From: Towards comprehensive and transparent reporting: context-specific additions to the ICF taxonomy for medical evaluations of work capacity involving claimants with chronic widespread pain and low back pain

Specification area Type of specification categories and examples for specification codes Definition of specification category
(1) Precision Combination category Location of a body function
 e.g. b7101(s7201)  e.g. mobility of shoulder joint
Not definable (within ICF components) Concepts which can be coded to more than one ICF category within a component
 e.g. nd-d(ohw)  e.g. overhead working
Other specified Concepts not differentiable within an ICF category
 e.g. d4158  e.g. maintaining a bending position
(2) Coverage Not covered Not covered by the ICF
 e.g. nc-acc  e.g. accidents
Not covered – work (in)capacity Not covered within the ICF (general work (in)capacity)
 e.g. nc-WC; nc-WIC  e.g. work (in)capacity
Health condition Health conditions
 e.g. hc  e.g. depression
(3) Personal factors Personal factors Personal factors
 e.g. pf-edu  e.g. educational background
(4) Broad concepts Not definable (broad concepts) Not definable broad concepts
 e.g. nd-gh  e.g. general health