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Table 4 Choice predictions

From: Prioritising health service innovation investments using public preferences: a discrete choice experiment

  Policy 1 Policy 2 Policy 3 Policy 4
Target people:     
People with disability     
People with drug addiction     
People with cancer    
People with mental health problems    
People with obesity     
People with asthma     
Target age:     
Young (less than 18)     
Adults (18–65)   
Elderly (more than 65)    
Implementation time:     
Between 6–12 months    
More than 12 months    
Between 0–5 months    
Whether it works:     
It works but not scientifically proven     
Experts say it works elsewhere in the NHS    
It works and scientific studies confirm this  
Potential health benefits:     
Moderate health (50%)    
Good health (75%)     
Best health (100%)    
Cost per month: £40 £10 £30 £15
Choice probability 0.78 (0.69-0.87) 0.43 (0.39-0.48) 0.79 (0.75-0.83) 0.82 (0.80-0.84)
  1. Figures in parentheses are confidence intervals at the 95% level, obtained using the delta method.