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Table 1 Table of included studies in the category Interventions to structure and standardise clinical practice

From: Reducing hospital admissions from nursing homes: a systematic review

Study, design, included studies if SR* Population Intervention Control The setting and nationality
Robinson 2012[32], Systematic review, 3/4 studies were relevant for inclusion People with cognitive impairment Defined as ‘Any kind of advance care planning’ by review authors. Usual care Any care environment, including nursing homes
Caplan 2006, Controlled before after design   A structured educational programme (Let Me Decide) for health personnel, residents and their families Nursing homes in Canada, Australia and USA
Molloy 2000, Randomised controlled trial   The Let Me Decide programme in addition to hospital-to-the-nursing-home
Morrison 2005, Non-randomised controlled trial   Half-day course for social workers in guiding residents and families in ACP. Feedback to physicians was given in intervention group to initiate referral to palliative care.
Hall 2011[33], Systematic review Residents of care homes for older people Defined as ‘All types of palliative care service delivery interventions’ by review authors. Not specified Setting defined as ‘collective institutional settings where care is provided’ Nursing homes in USA
1/3 studies was relevant for inclusion: Casarett 2005, Randomised controlled trial   
Hutt 2011[34], Controlled before-after study Nursing home residents with symptoms of systemic lower respiratory tract infection Multifaceted implementation of a national guideline for management of nursing-home-acquired pneumonia Usual care 16 nursing homes in Colorado, USA (8 intervention homes and 8 control homes)
Loeb 2006[35], Cluster randomised controlled trial Nursing home residents with pneumonia On-site treatment of pneumonia according to pathway Usual care 22 nursing homes Ontario, Canada
Lee 2002[36], Cluster randomised controlled trial Nursing home residents with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Community nurses followed up residents for 6 months post-hospitalisation according to a care protocol Usual care 45 nursing homes in Hong Kong, China
  1. *See included systematic review for full reference of included primary studies.