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Table 1 The content of dimensions in the hospital survey on patient safety culture questionnaire

From: The patient safety culture as perceived by staff at two different emergency departments before and after introducing a flow-oriented working model with team triage and lean principles: a repeated cross-sectional study

1. Non-punitive response to error 9. Overall perception of safety
  3 items   4 items
2. Staffing 10. Safety culture dimension at Unit level**
  4 items   4 items
3. Frequency of event reporting 11. Organizational Learning-Continues Improvement.
  3 items   3 items
4. Hospital Management Support for patient safety 12. Teamwork within hospital
  3 items   4 items
5. Teamwork Across Hospital Units 13. Communication openness
  4 items   3 items
6. Hospital Handoff and Transition 14. Feedback and Communication about error
  4 items   3 items
7. Information and support to patients at adverse events* 15. Patient safety grade
  4 items   1 item
8. Information and support to staff at adverse events*
  2 items
  1. *Swedish version.
  2. **Not answered by physicians.