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Table 1 Informant samples of the two studies

From: Practicalities and challenges in re-orienting the health system in Zambia for treating chronic conditions

Research method and sample categories Study 1 Zambia (4 countries; total sample size) Study 2 Zambia
Online survey among international experts n/a (17) n/a
Key national level informants in government and care organisations 13 (49) 18
Key informants CHBC programmes 8 (71) 17
FGD with CHBC programme staff 9 (17) n/a
FGD with secondary caregivers in the CHBC programmes 29 (115) 36
FGD with community representatives in the CHBC programmes 20 (65) n/a
Individual interviews with clients 30 (98) n/a
Individual interviews with primary caregivers 30 (99) n/a
Additional round of interviews with key informants on H-MIS n/a 19
Validation Interviews: key informants at national level 5 (21) 8
Validation questionnaire survey: care and support organisations 9 (46) n/a