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Table 4 Reported attitudes of health professionals about the relative responsibility towards adaptation of health care in the COMETH study in Belgium in 2010–2012 (n = 569)

From: Adaptation of health care for migrants: whose responsibility?

  The responsibility is on the health professionals The responsibility is on both health professionals and patients The responsibility is on the patients Total
When immigrants' values and habits differ from those of the host country (%) 20.7 18.2 61.0 100.0
When the patient does not speak the language of the host country (%) 65.3 19.7 15.0 100.0
When the patient expresses the wish to be treated by a male of a female doctor (%) 34.3 10.4 55.3 100.0
When the patient cannot read the language of the host country (%) 49.0 19.5 31.5 100.0
When the patient's health beliefs contradict medical knowledge (%) 36.8 27.0 36.1 100.0