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Table 2 Spousal identification rates for the corroborated Alzheimer’s disease population and spousal identification rates, 2001-2005

From: Using U.S. Medicare records to evaluate the indirect health effects on spouses: a case study in Alzheimer’s disease patients

Sex Total corroborated AD patients1 Number of study-identified spouses1 Expected number of spouses2 Study’s rate of spousal identification
Male 16,788 3,188 11,602 27.5%
Female 37,805 3,103 11,848 26.2%
Study total estimate 54,593 6,291 23,450 26.8%
  1. 1From the Medicare 5% sample, with both members of the spousal dyad enrolled in the traditional Medicare fee-for-service plan during the index month.
  2. 2Weighted by age according to the 2000 US Census marital status data.
  3. SOURCE: Medicare 5% Sample, 2001–2005.