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Table 1 Themes for data compilation and analysis used in the study

From: eHealth and mHealth initiatives in Bangladesh: A scoping study

Theme Breakdown
Organization profile Managed by (Govt., Private, NGO), Entity (for profit; commercial/non-commercial, not for profit), Priority (health over telecom, telecom over health), Donors & Partners (banks, research organizations, media, telecom etc.)
Program overview Project Status (Planned, ongoing, completed), Main Component (eHealth/mHealth), Medium (SMS/voice call/computer/other), Technological platform (software, hardware), Target Population (e.g. rural villagers, age groups etc.), Measure of Utilization (# of people registered, # of people using services)
Financial Startup Cost, Operational Cost, Total Revenue
Human resource Type and number of staff and training
Services Disease management (disease covered, mode of provision, provider, cost), Health awareness (topics covered, mode of provision, provider type, cost), Diagnostic/Imaging (tests covered, mode of provision, provider, cost)
MNE Framework Indicators (input/process/output/outcome/impact), Project Evaluation (if done - main Findings and their uptake)
Sustainability plan Strategy (plans created for Present undertakings, upcoming deals or work in progress arriving shortly, that drives the institution forward in the defined sector), Capacity (resources and infrastructure support required/available to sustain the strategy and future direction in the defined sector)
Future direction Major challenges (if no sustainability plan is evident, try to find out what were the major challenges that hampered sustainability)