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Table 2 Indicative quotations: Familiarity/relationship with providers and familiarity with treatment type

From: A qualitative study of influences on older women’s practitioner choices for back pain care

Participant Example
Interviewer: So why [did you choose] chiropractic?
#16 Why? Because I had had chiropractic before… for my neck actually, because I’ve done a lot of office work, and I think bad posture, sitting over computers and all things like that, for my neck, and I think just tension in there, and they managed to relieve that. So ah, that was where I found ah, and I just had a confidence there, I had a confidence and I felt it was helping.
#8 So I already knew somebody [a physio], [who runs my] hydrotherapy class. So I organised…to do the hydrotherapy in the morning. And the lady that does it is a physio, and I also arranged to start going to her as well…because I knew that, I’d been already previously.
#4 But I had a really bad experience with one person where I thought, no, never again, it was really painful and horrible.
#25 Like I had [a bad] experience with [a] chiropractor where initially I was quite happy, and then I wasn't. But that's not going to stop me going back if someone says to me, “I have a really good chiropractor, why don’t you just try him?” I’d go.
#30 We’re very happy with our GP, we’ve been with her for quite a number of years, and she keeps an eye on us. We go every six weeks.