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Table 2 Study objectives, their indicators and data source

From: Protocol-driven primary care and community linkages to improve population health in rural Zambia: the Better Health Outcomes through Mentoring and Assessment (BHOMA) project

Objective Indicator(s) Primary data source
Reduce mortality Age standardized mortality* • Community survey
  Under 5 mortality • Community survey
Improve coverage of child health services Vaccine coverage • Community survey
Improve coordination of key services to improve outcomes Community HIV-1 viral load • Community survey; DBS§ specimen
  Prevalence of uncontrolled hypertension • Community survey;
  Prevalence of uncontrolled diabetes • Community survey; DBS§ specimen
Implement a feasible and cost-effective intervention Incremental cost-effectiveness of intervention • Facility survey
• Medical record
• Community Survey
  1. * Limited to individuals < 60 years of age
  2. § - Dried whole blood spot collected on filter paper