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Table 3 Screening for TB among PNC Clients

From: Feasibility and effect of integrating tuberculosis screening and detection in postnatal care services: an operations research study

History asked on symptoms and signs Baseline (N=95) % Endline (N=96) %
Persistent cough for three or more weeks with or without blood stained sputum 3 64**
Chest pain 2 51**
Close contact with a case of TB 1 44**
Loss of body weight 1 38**
Intermittent fever and night sweats 1 41**
Clients observed to have been asked at least ONE 4 66**
Clients observed to have been asked all the FIVE signs/symptoms 0 21**
Clients suspected to have TB and referred for TB test 0 3
  1. Notes: TB: tuberculosis; PNC: post-natal care; Differences between baseline and end line are statistically significant at: *p<0.05; **p<0.01.