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Table 1 Definitions of responsiveness domains

From: Assessing responsiveness of health care services within a health insurance scheme in Nigeria: users’ perspectives

Domain name Definition (also provided in the interview manual)
Prompt attention This meant patients have short travel times and convenient access to health care facilities. They obtain fast care in emergencies and have short waiting times for appointments and consultations. Tests get done quickly.
Dignity This is termed patients are shown respect by greetings before talking to them. Physical examinations are conducted in privacy and in a way that respects their cultural norms.
Communication This meant the provider listens carefully to patients and explains things so patients can understand. Patients have time to ask questions, if they don’t understand something.
Autonomy This is termed patients are involved in deciding on their treatment if they want to. The provider asks patients for permission before starting treatments or tests.
Choice This meant patients are able to choose their health care provider (place or person) and allowed to consult for a second opinion or with a specialist, if so desired.
Quality of facilities This refers to having enough space, seating places and fresh air in the waiting and examination rooms as well as hospital wards. It includes a clean facility and clean toilets in the hospital.
  1. Adapted from Valentine et al. 2002 and WHO 2000.