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Table 2 Available facilities within gynaecology outpatient departments for diagnosis and treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding

From: The delivery of heavy menstrual bleeding services in England and Wales after publication of national guidelines: a survey of hospitals

Facilities No dedicated menstrual bleeding clinic Dedicated menstrual bleeding clinic
Ultrasound (trans-vaginal scanning in the clinic) 75.6% (102/135) 88.1% (74/84)
Hysteroscopy (outpatient based) 80.0% (108/135) 98.8% (83/84)
Endometrial biopsy (outpatient based) 96.3% (130/135) 100.0% (84/84)
Day care diagnosis (inpatient-based) hysteroscopy plus endometrial biopsy 95.6% (129/135) 94.0% (79/84)