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Table 1 Estimated annual number, cost and NSI rate associated with procedures in Belgium

From: Economic benefits of safety-engineered sharp devices in Belgium - a budget impact model

Procedure class Annual number of devices per bed (estimated) Average cost of conventional devices (€) Average cost of SEDs (€) NSI rate using conventional devices(per 105procedures) NSI rate using SEDs (per 105procedures)[15]
Injection 553 0.014 0.046 10.8 [15] 1.5
Infusion therapy 120 0.400 0.600 26.0 [15] 8.8
Diabetes insulin administration 50 [8] 0.095 0.315 23.5 [18] 3.3**
Blood collection 193 0.170 0.270 23.4* [15] 7.0***
  1. *It was assumed that arterial and venous blood collection procedures result in the same percentage of NSIs.
  2. **It was assumed that the reduction in NSIs after the introduction of 2nd generation safety-engineered diabetes care devices is the same as that achieved by injection SEDs.
  3. ***It was assumed that safety-engineered arterial and venous blood collection devices achieve the same reduction.