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Table 2 Attribute and levels included in the DCE questionnaire

From: Genomic testing to determine drug response: measuring preferences of the public and patients using Discrete Choice Experiment (DCE)

Attribute Levels
Untreated responders &: 5%, 20%, 35%, 50%
Proportion of patients who could be cured by the new medication (responders) but will not receive it as a result of inaccurate genetic test result.
Unnecessary treatment of non-responders : 5%, 20%, 35%, 50%
Proportion of patients who would not benefit from the new medication (non-responders) but will receive it as a result of wrong genetic test result.
Severity of side effects: Severe, Moderate, Mild
The new medication may be associated with side effects such as nausea, hair loss, skin rash and fatigue. The potential levels of Side Effect Severity were:
Likelihood of side effects: 5%, 50%, 95%
The side effects described in Attribute 3 will not necessarily occur for all individuals. Instead, they will occur with a particular percentage chance. Possible levels were:
Genetic test turnaround time: 2 days, 7 days, 12 days
The time required to obtain the genetic test results, after the test has been performed.
Genetic test procedure: Mouth swab, Blood sample, Tumor biopsy, Bone marrow biopsy, Liver biopsy
Type of the procedure that is needed for doing the genetic test.
Genetic test cost: $50, $500, $1000, $1500
Please assume that you would be paying only for the genetic test out-of-pocket.
  1. &1-Sensitivity.
  2. 1-specificity.