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Table 3 Phone coaching schedule and content

From: The heart healthy lenoir project-an intervention to reduce disparities in hypertension control: study protocol

Encounter # Module descriptor: Module activities:
1, 7 Opening a Describe purpose of call, review study
Medication module a, literacy Review blood pressure medication prescribed, ascertain if taking as prescribed, encourage individuals to contact providers if change in medications, include family member/friends in description of blood pressure medication purpose, information tailored based upon literacy level and specific to blood pressure medications patients are currently taking, suggest questions to ask primary care provider.
Side effects a Determine side effects experienced and seriousness and discuss
Memory b Offer mnemonic strategies, explain the importance of taking blood pressure medication consistently
Closing a Encourage patient to take blood pressure between primary care provider visits
2, 8 Medication module, literacy Reviews medication changes
Hypertension knowledge b Educate and address applicable risk factors: diabetes, race, heredity, new diagnosis
Decision making b Role play to help patient interact with provider more effectively
Side effects, closing  
3, 9 Diet c Review dietary approaches to stop hypertension* diets. Discuss sodium and food label reading
Weight b Discuss relationship of weight with hypertension and how to reduce weight
Medication module, literacy, side effects, closing  
4, 10 Exercise b Provide information based upon stage of change
Social & medical barriers Ascertain social support, determine if patient needs referrals, help with refills and provide information about support groups and local resources
Memory, Medication module, literacy, side effects, closing  
5, 11 Stress b Discuss methods for identifying and reducing stress
Alcohol b Provide information on the relationship between alcohol use and hypertension. Resources are provided.
Medication module, literacy, side effects, closing  
6, 12 Medication module, literacy, side effects, memory, closing  
All Patient initiated Address patient concern at time of patient initiated call to phone coach.
  1. a = Modules activated at every phone call for only those identified as having a problem.
  2. b = Modules activated at specific intervals for only those identified as having a problem.
  3. c = Modules activated at specific intervals for all individuals.
  4. * Your guide to lowering blood pressure with DASH. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Accessed April 30, 2013.