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Table 1 Main types of remuneration of GPs in eight countries in 2010 with new (italic) and changed (underlined) remuneration types compared to 2000

From: International developments in revenues and incomes of general practitioners from 2000 to 2010

  Salary Fee-for-service Capita-tion fee* Perfor-mance fee Integrated care fee Other Type of change
Belgium   Yes Yes   Yes   Incremental
Denmark   Yes Yes   Yes**   Incremental
Finland Yes Yes Yes     Incremental
France   Yes Yes Yes    Incremental
Germany   Yes    Yes**   Comprehensive
The Netherlands *** Yes Yes   Yes** Yes Comprehensive
Sweden Yes       Incremental
UK (England) ***   Yes Yes    Comprehensive
  1. If the text “Yes” is in italic, this type of remuneration is new for this country and if the text is underlined, this type of remuneration has changed in that particular country in 2010 compared to the year 2000.
  2. * Capitation fee here includes also the fees for keeping a patient’s record.
  3. **The integrated care fee is fairly new and in none of the countries it forms a significant share of the total revenue.
  4. *** In the Netherlands 7-12% of the GPs are in salaried employment with independent GPs in the past decade. In the UK, also a growing number of GPs in working in salaried service, from 10% in 2004 to 19% in 2008 (including GPs working in salaried service and GPs who work flexible arrangements, excluding trainees (GP registrars) [34].