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Table 2 The availability of the patient health and service outcomes for evaluation in each of the seven specialty units included in the analysis

From: The impact on patient health and service outcomes of introducing nurse consultants: a historically matched controlled study

    Specialty unit   
Patient health and service outcomes Diabetes A (n=40) Diabetes B (n=40) Renal A (n=40) Renal B (n=40) Wound & stoma care (n=40) Psychiatrics (n=40) Continence (n=40)
Service outcomes        
Number of Accident & Emergency visits
Number of hospital admissions
Length of hospital stay
Number of acute complications
Number of times of treatment / medication regimen altered by nurses according to patients’ condition
Health outcomes        
HbA1c level
Urea level
Urea creatinine ratio
Number of dressings for wound healed
  1. –: not available.