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Table 3 Discussion guide with guiding questions for the discussion process

From: Evidence-based health information from the users’ perspective – a qualitative analysis

Topics Questions
What was your first impression, what did you notice? (Free-form description of first impressions without any guiding questions)
Knowledge and understanding What is the central message of the text?
What have you learnt?
What do you find interesting about this information?
How understandable is the text?
How well are the facts explained?
What aspects do you find important that are missing in the text?
What concepts should be explained in the glossary?
Language What is the writing style of this text?
Use of numbers What effect do the numbers have in the text?
Do they clarify the issues?
Structure and readability Composition and structure
Did the heading catch your interest and make you want to read on?
Does the text answer what it says in the heading?
Was the issue presented in an interesting way?
Did it awaken your interest in reading on?
What do you think about the length?
Effects and anticipated effects Did reading this have any consequences for you?
Will the text help to improve communication with doctors?
Will the text help to improve communication with family and friends?
Did the text increase your understanding of affected or ill people?
Final assessment and recommendation Would you recommend the text to others?
How would you rate the credibility of the author of this information?