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Table 2 Issues identified by clinicians and how integrated into Delphi questionnaire

From: Developing content for a process-of-care checklist for use in intensive care units: a dual-method approach to establishing construct validity

Issue identified Action
Presence of policy documents on nutritional support, prevention of venous thromboembolism, prevention of upper gastrointestinal bleeding and need to align checklist items with these policies Policy documents reviewed and factored into development of checklist statements to ensure consistency between the two
Sit out of bed managed by nursing staff and physiotherapists Sit out of bed checklist item excluded
Checking the length of time since insertion of intravascular lines redundant due to unit policy (i.e. catheters left in place as long as clinically indicated), nursing prompt card (age of lines, dressings & site), & concurrent quality improvement project targeting improved insertion and care of central lines [27] Checking the length of time since insertion of intravascular lines excluded
All medications should be reviewed on the morning round, not just antibiotics Changed ‘review of antibiotics’ to ‘review of all medications’
Checking microbiology reports done in conjunction with the review of medications, so doesn’t need to be a separate item on the checklist Checking microbiology reports excluded
Head-of-bed elevation for ventilated patients important to review by both medical and nursing – retain on checklist Head-of-bed elevation retained
Assessing responsiveness of sedated patients an important aspect of medical rounds and needs to be retained Assessing responsiveness of sedated patients retained
Pressure ulcer prevention managed by nursing staff, an item on the nursing prompt card Pressure ulcer prevention excluded