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Table 6 Quotes illustrating ‘Concept of, and reasons for, relapse’

From: Feasibility of offering nicotine replacement therapy as a relapse prevention treatment in routine smoking cessation services

Concepts and reasons for relapse So I went outside…realized what I was doing…and got rid of it…and I felt guilty then for doing it… (F, 52, Routine/Manual)
The last one was a month ago and before that I was smoking 20 a day. So although I have had one I don’t really consider that as smoking…(F, 39, Routine/ Manual)
There was one particular incident where I had given up, and then my father-in-law’s step mum became seriously ill and I went to care for her. And in all fairness to get me through that I started smoking again…(F, 50, Sick/ Unemployed)
  I think it didn’t work before because, I think it needed to come from me more. I don’t think I put my heart into it before. (F, 39, Routine/ Manual)