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Table 9 Convergent and discriminant validity of IPS (bivariate correlation coefficients)

From: Development and psychometric properties of a scale for measuring internal participation from a patient and health care professional perspective

   Correlation with IPS
  Staff questionnaire  
Convergent validity Organization and communication 1) .578**
Workplace Atmosphere/Climate 1) .748**
Leadership appraisal 1) .551**
Discriminant validity External participation (SDM-Q-doc) (staff questionnaire) .249**
  Patient survey  
Convergent validity Patient satisfaction 2) .593**
Discriminant validity External participation (SDM-Q-9) .262**
  Health status (IRES-24) .039
  1. NOTE: ** Correlations are significant at p ≤ 0.001.
  2. 1)Questionnaire on staff satisfaction in medical rehabilitation.
  3. 2)Questionnaire on patient satisfaction (based on the Client Satisfaction Questionnaire).