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Figure 2

From: Field evaluation in Chad of community usage of CD4 T lymphocyte counting by alternative single-platform flow cytometry

Figure 2

Map showing the location of the 22 officially approved health care centers devoted to follow up adult and children patients infected with HIV-1 thorough Chad in 2013 (Am Timane, Abeche, Adre, Ati, Biltine, Bol, Bongor, Doba, Fada, Faya-Largeau, Gos Beïda, Kelo, Koumra, Lere, Maïssala, Mao, Mongo, Moundou, N’Djamena, Ngouri, Pala and Sahr), as well as the 8 centers equipped by the Auto40 flow cytometers (Apogee Flow Systems Ltd) (2 in N’Djamena at the hôpital Militaire D’Instruction, and the Centre D’Appui Psycho-Médico-Social Al-Nadjma; 1 in Mongo, Bongor, Doba, Kelo, Koumra and Maïssala), and the other 9 centers equipped by FACSCount (Becton Dickinson) (2 in N’Djamena; 1 in Abeche, Adre, Gos Beïda, Moundou, Pala and Sahr), or by CyFlow (Partec) (Adre, Biltine, Maïssala, Mao and Ngouri). Note that 5 health care centers for HIV-1-infected patients (Ati; Bol; Fada; Faya-Largeau; Lere) are not yet equipped for CD4 T cell enumeration. The reference laboratory of the hôpital de la Liberté, N’Djamena, is equipped by FACSCalibur (Becton Dickinson). Note that only the health care centers involved in caring HIV-infected patients are shown in the map.

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