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Table 4 Results of confirmatory factor analysis (CFA)

From: Assessing the safety attitudes questionnaire (SAQ), German language version in Swiss university hospitals - a validation study

Goodness of fit index* Model using full sample** (N = 319)
Chi-square Test of Model Fit (df, p-value) 598.559 (362, <.001)
Chi-square Test of Model Fit for the Baseline Model 4405.693
(df, p-value) (406, <.001)
Comparative Fit Index (CFI) 0.941
Tucker-Lewis-Index (TLI) 0.934
Root Mean Square Error of Approximation (RMSEA) 0.045
90% CI for RMSEA 0.039, 0.052
Probability RMSEA ≤ .05 0.887
  1. *Calculated using the robust weighted least squares (WLSMV) estimation method.**Missing data are handled using a pairwise present approach.