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Table 1 A summary of the roles played by various stakeholders in KT

From: Perspectives on the role of stakeholders in knowledge translation in health policy development in Uganda

Stakeholder Roles
CSOs Representing and advocating for the communities they serve, mobilizing resources for undertaking research, undertaking research, disseminating and facilitating the implementation of decisions based on evidence
Communities Involvement in setting the research agenda, demanding the application of evidence
Media Dissemination of information and social mobilization
Policy makers Identifying knowledge gaps, commissioning and guiding research processes, applying evidence in decision-making, establishing institutional platforms for KT
Politicians Advocacy, setting research priorities, disseminating evidence, mobilizing communities
Researchers Generating evidence
Donors Providing funding for research, KT activities, and implementation of research findings
Knowledge brokers Disseminating evidence
Formal and informal networks and professional bodies Generating and disseminating evidence