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Table 4 Pilot study – outcomes of medicines review

From: Addressing potentially inappropriate prescribing in older patients: development and pilot study of an intervention in primary care (the OPTI-SCRIPT study)

Patient PIP Outcome of review
1 PPI Dose reduction
TCA and CCB TCA discontinued
2 PPI Dose reduction
Therapeutic duplication - ACE and ARB ARB discontinued
3 Long term long acting benzodiazepine Dose reduction
4 PPI Dose reduction
5 Bladder antimuscarinics and constipation Left unaltered
6 NSAID and diuretic NSAID discontinued
7 NSAID and ACE NSAID discontinued
8 Long term steroid for maintenance therapy in COPD/Asthma Switched from steroid to other treatment
  1. Abbreviations: ACEI Angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitor, ARB Angiotensin II receptor blockers, CCB Calcium channel blocker, COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, NSAID Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, PPI Proton pump inhibitor, TCA Tricyclic anti-depressant.
  2. Note: The decision on whether to follow the recommended treatment alternatives will be at the discretion of the GP, weighing up the risks and benefits and patient preference.