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Table 1 Participant characteristics

From: Barriers and enablers to the provision and receipt of preoperative pelvic floor muscle training for men having radical prostatectomy: a qualitative study

Participant group   Total Private sector Public sector
Referrers Urological cancer surgeons 3 3a 3a
Urological cancer nurses 5 3 2
General practitioners 3 2b 3
Providers Physiotherapists (overall) 10 5 5
   Inpatient setting (urology and/or continence)   4c 3c
   Outpatient setting (general and/or continence)   4c 4c
Continence nurses 4 0 4
Patients   13 10 3
  1. aAll urological cancer surgeons maintained private and public hospital appointments.
  2. bTwo general practitioners maintained a private hospital appointment.
  3. cThree private sector physiotherapists and one public sector physiotherapist maintained both inpatient and outpatient roles.