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Table 3 Summary of variables associated with difficulties in access to healthcare

From: Inequities in access to healthcare: analysis of national survey data across six Asia-Pacific countries

Country   Difficulties due to distance Difficulties in getting Difficulty due to Difficulties due to cost
    an appointment waiting times  
Australia Demographic Married, divorced, widowed or Female; married Female; worked part- Female; married or
separated time cohabiting
Health Felt very unhappy with their health; Nil Nil Nil
Economic S some savings and borrowed Just got by, spent Just got by financially Second-lowest income
money; or fell in the lowest income savings, or spent in the last year, spent quartile; just got by
quartile group savings and borrowed some savings or spent financially or spend
money some savings and savings and borrowed
borrowed money money
Hong Kong Demographic Nil Aged 60 years or older Retired or pensioner Retired/pensioner
Health Nil Nil Nil Perceived health to be
related neither important nor
Economic Spent some savings or fell in the lowest Nil Nil Nil
income quartile group
Japan Demographic Nil Nil 30–39 years of age Nil
Health Rated their health as very bad Satisfied with their Rated their health as Rated their health as fair, or
related health good, fair, bad, or rated their health as bad
very bad
Economic Nil Nil Nil Spent some savings or spent some savings and borrowed money
Korea Demographic Nil Nil Nil Female
Health Fair state of health, very bad health; Nil Nil Nil
related chronic health condition
Economic Nil Nil Nil Spent savings and borrow
Taiwan Demographic Divorced; part-time workers Nil Nil Work part-time
Health Nil Nil Nil Nil
Economic Spent their savings or spent their Nil Spend some savings Just got by, spent savings,
savings and borrowed spent savings and
borrowed money
Thailand   Work for their family, a Work for their family, Work for family Nil
housewife/househusband or a work part-time  
  Rated their health as being good, fair or Nil Nil Nil
  Just got by financially, spent some Nil Just got by Spend savings, or spend
savings or spent some savings and financially, or spent savings and borrowed
borrowed money; and   their savings and money
     borrowed money