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Table 2 Comparison of survey methods for six countries

From: Inequities in access to healthcare: analysis of national survey data across six Asia-Pacific countries

  Australia Japan South Korea Hong Kong Taiwan-Taipei Thailand
Fieldwork dates Sept. 2009 11 Sept. ~ 21 Sept. 20 Oct. ~ 10 October 2009 ~ 6 Oct. ~ 16 20 Oct. ~ 10 Nov.,
2009 Nov., 2009 October 2010 Nov., 2009 2009
Population 18 years old and 19 years old and 18 years old and 18 years old or Taipei legal 18 years old and
over over over above citizens who over
are 20 years
old or older
Geographic Nationwide Nationwide Nationwide Hong Kong Taipei Nationwide
Sampling method Stratified according Regionally stratified Multi – Stages Quota sampling Central Multi – Stages
to state population proportional Sampling based on the Location Quota Sampling
random sampling three age ranges Sampling
Fieldwork Self-administered Face to face Face to face Telephone Face to face Face to face
Methods postal survey interview interview interview interview interview
Sample size 1,044 1,006 1,200 681 1,200 1,200