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Table 1 Thematic presentation of pregnant women’s experiences of HIV testing as part of antenatal care at Mbale Hospital

From: Pregnant women’s experiences of routine counselling and testing for HIV in Eastern Uganda: a qualitative study

Organising themes Sub-themes HIV negative women HIV positive women
• HIV testing as part of ANC was no surprise • HIV testing as part of ANC was no surprise Yes Yes
• HIV testing was compulsory for all pregnant women • HIV testing was for all pregnant women Yes Yes
• Testing was a difficult step but beneficial • Fear of a positive test Yes Yes
• Testing is beneficial to baby and mother Yes Yes
• Insufficient post-test counselling • Health education session was educative and informative Yes Yes
• Limited time for post-test Yes No
• Post-test session adequate No Yes
• Test results - a mix of joy and sorrow • Negative results sign of faithfulness Yes No
• Relief from stress and fear Yes No
• Doubt about result Yes Yes
• Desire to remain negative Yes No
• Partner unfaithfulness and betrayal No Yes
• Uncertain future and survival No Yes
• Determination to live and protect child No Yes
• Staff supportive but constrained • Staff supportive and caring Yes Yes
  • Staff overwhelmed by many women Yes Yes