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Table 2 Searches conducted throughout databases and the grey literature

From: What primary health care services should residents of rural and remote Australia be able to access? A systematic review of “core” primary health care services

Type of Information Source Strategy
Databases • Ovid Medline “Primary Health Care/”; essential adj4 service$; core adj4 service$; medical necessity; basic adj4 service$; comprehensive adj4 service$; community access; acceptable adj4 service$; minimum adj4 service$; fundamental adj4 service$; element$ adj4 service$
• Ebsco CINAHL
• Informit
• Cochrane Library
Grey Literature • Institute of Medicine ( The same search terms were used for these websites as was used for the databases.
• Healthinfonet (
• Lowitja Institute (
• Primary Care Partnerships in Victoria (
• American College of Physicians (
• Bureau of Health Professions (
  • Health Systems Evidence (