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Table 1 Comparison of 3 hospitals chosen for site visits

From: Variations in risk perceptions: a qualitative study of why unnecessary urinary catheter use continues to be problematic

Study number Bed size Hospital location and size Practices implemented 1) Monitoring catheters placed Units of Bladder Bundle implementation Champion for Bladder Bundle Comments from research team
     2) Surveillance for UTI rates    
Hospital 1 0-150 Rural, community hospital - Scanner 1) No Hospital wide Quality Improvement This hospital has developed extensive education for nurses and physicians. They have also intervened in the ED. On the floors they use catheter patrols.
    - Aseptic tech 2) Yes, facility    
Hospital 2 151-300 Mid-size referral hospital for surrounding rural area - Scanner 1) No Floor only Nurse and Physician This site has used both a nurse and a physician as champions. Their reminder states that physicians must order catheter to be continued or nurses will discontinue it.
    - Aseptic tech 2) No    
    - Reminder     
Hospital 3 301-450 Large hospital, suburban, located just outside urban city - Aseptic tech 1) Yes, facility Floor only ICP They are currently developing their electronic medical record. They do not have a physician champion. Leadership was involved in getting staff on board. Nurses are able to initiate Foley removal.
    - Reminder 2) No    
    - Nurse initiated     
    - Condom catheters     
    - Intermittent catheterization