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Table 4 Correlation matrix of seven items for factor about Interaction between staff

From: Constructing a questionnaire for assessment of awareness and acceptance of diversity in healthcare institutions

Items* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
I find it interesting to work with people with backgrounds from different countries. 1,00       
It is more difficult to communicate with staff whose background is from a country other than my own. ,34 1,00      
I learn new things about life from cooperating with people from other countries. ,46 ,29 1,00     
If I can choose, I prefer to cooperate with a staff member whose background is from the same country as me rather than with staff from other countries. ,33 ,50 ,28 1,00    
Misunderstandings occur more often when I collaborate with colleagues whose backgrounds are from countries other than my own. ,33 ,67 ,24 ,44 1,00   
A person with a background other than Swedish is uninterested in learning about Swedish values, norms, and habits. ,32 ,33 ,30 ,32 ,34 1,00  
People with a background other than Swedish don’t take as much responsibility in their work as a person with a Swedish background. ,26 ,30 ,27 ,31 ,31 ,530 1,00
  1. All correlations are significant at p<.001.
  2. *Some items reverse-coded based on consistency of the measurement.