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Table 3 List of variables used in case-mix algorithm

From: Development of a case-mix funding system for adults with combined vision and hearing loss

Variable Type of measure Source of variables Items used to create variable
Cognitive Performance Scale Summary scale interRAI CHA Short term memory, cognitive skills for decision making, eating, making self understood
Understands others Single item interRAI CHA Ability to understand others (comprehension)
Adapted or manually coded language Single item Deafblind Supplement Use of an adapted or manually coded language as a form of communication
Personal hygiene Single item interRAI CHA Self performance in personal hygiene ADL
Transportation capacity Single item interRAI CHA Self performance capacity in transportation instrumental ADL
Depression Rating Scale Summary scale interRAI CHA Sum of frequency of: negative statements, persistent anger, unrealistic fears, repetitive health complaints, repetitive anxious complaints, tearfulness, sad/pained facial expression in last 3 days