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Table 2 Discussion group questions

From: Negotiating policy in practice: child and family health nurses’ approach to the process of postnatal psychosocial assessment

Discussion group questions CFHNs
1. Can you tell us about your experience of conducting Psychosocial assessment and depression screening:
   a. Do you use the SS Q’s?
   b. Do you use the EPDS?
   c. Prompts – can you recall how you felt when you had to ask these questions the first few times?
   d. How do you feel about doing it now?
   e. How do you feel about asking the domestic violence screening questions?
   Are you comfortable with the wording?
   (Maybe) Do you think there could be a different approach to these questions?
2. How do you think women are prepared for what is entailed in the home visit?
   a. What do you hope to achieve in the first home visit?
3. What has helped you to incorporate psychosocial assessment and depression screening into your practice?
4. What challenges have you or your colleagues faced?
5. What are your views on conducting depression screening with the EPDS? In your experience what have you found to be the best way to use the EPDS?
   a. (Prompt) for example in what part of the interview you would ask the woman to complete the tool. Once the woman has completed the tool and you notice it is high – how do you address this with women
6. I am also really interest in how you might use your clinical judgment in the process of assessment - Can you describe for me the cues that give you a hunch, about something
E.g. Strong sense something’s not right, don't get responses or get the opposite what expecting
7. In what way has your practice changed since you have been incorporating these assessments in your practice?
8. What, if anything, do you feel has prepared you for working in this way?
9. What training and support have you been offered and what have you participated in for screening and assessment?
10. How do you perceive the use of computers will affect this process?
11. Is there anything else you would like to add?