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Table 4 Hospital administrators’ mean attitudes regarding cr (±standard deviation), by presence of cardiac rehabilitation program at the institution where they work

From: How do hospital administrators perceive cardiac rehabilitation in a publicly-funded health care system?

Item CR program (n=93; 51.4%) No CR (n=88; 48.6%) Total (N=195)
1. CR programs provide benefits beyond what primary care providers can offer 4.39±0.75 4.77±5.68 4.55±3.88
2. CR programs promote sustained behavioural changes that improve their health outcomes 4.39±0.64 4.23±0.55 4.31±0.60
3. It is the hospitals’ responsibility to provide all eligible inpatients with the information they need to begin an outpatient CR program 4.33±0.91 4.13±0.84 4.22±0.88
4. The closest available CR program is of good quality 4.36±0.82 4.01±0.83 4.20±0.83††
5. The government should provide more funding for CR programs 4.24±0.82 3.85±0.85 4.04±0.84††
6. Ministry funding models are a financial disincentive to CR provision 3.31±1.08 3.37±1.06 3.33±1.05
7. It is likely that government funding for CR programs will be sustained over time 3.36±1.01 3.05±0.88 3.23±0.96†
8. We do not have enough space to run a CR program at my institution 2.36±1.33 3.49±1.28 2.90±1.40†††
9. CR services are generally one of the first programs to be cut-back when we make budget reductions 2.52±1.07 3.20±0.98 2.78±1.08†††
10. Patients and their families should be responsible for their own health behavior changes and risk reduction self-management post-hospitalization 2.43±1.09 2.72±1.09 2.58±1.09
11. Scarce healthcare dollars should not be spent on outpatient care at the expense of acute care 2.06±1.26 2.19±1.01 2.12±1.13
12. Healthcare providers on the cardiac floor have other more important clinical duties than to refer patients to CR 1.71±0.91 1.65±0.73 1.70±0.83
13. Provincial health insurance should not cover CR services for cardiac patients post-hospitalization 1.47±0.75 1.78±0.90 1.61±0.84†
14. I am skeptical about the benefits of CR programs 1.28±0.52 1.65±0.70 1.47±0.65†††
  1. Note: Items were scored on a scale from 1 ‘Strongly Disagree’ to 5 ‘Strongly Agree’.
  2. †††p=.001, ††p=.01, †p<.05.