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Table 2 Hospital administrators’ mean CR knowledge and awareness (±standard deviation), by type of institution where employed

From: How do hospital administrators perceive cardiac rehabilitation in a publicly-funded health care system?

Item Community hospital (n=128; 65.6%) Non-community (n=67; 34.4%) Total N=195
1. My awareness of the location of the closest rehab program to the institution where I am employed 3.88 ±1.24 4.34±0.90 4.03±1.16††
2. My knowledge of what CR entails 3.34±1.20 3.60±1.03 3.42±1.15
3. My awareness of the use of CR by patients in the institution where I am employed 3.01±1.31 3.44±1.18 3.15±1.28†
4. My colleagues’ level of CR awareness 2.94±1.12 3.27±0.87 3.05±1.06†
  1. Note: Items were scored on a scale from 1 ‘poor’ to 5 ‘excellent’.
  2. ††p=.01, †p<.05.