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Table 3 Content of the comprehensive geriatrc assessment (CGA)

From: Comprehensive geriatric assessment, multifactorial interventions and nurse-led care coordination to prevent functional decline in community-dwelling older persons: protocol of a cluster randomized trial

Domain Question (Q) or instrument (I) in CGA Condition/disease
Medication Do you experience difficulties or side effect with medication use?
Polypharmacy defined as the use or three or more different medications
Medication adherence (questionnaire of Aburuz) [55]
Medication safety and side effects Polypharmacy
Medication adherence
Mobility and stability Have you fallen once or more in the past twelfth months? [56]
Fear of falling (FES-I) [57]
Do you experience dizziness?
Fracture risk score [57, 58]
Fear of falling
Osteoporosis risk
Nutrition Short Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (SNAQ) [59]
Have you been admitted to a hospital because of dehydration?
Difficulties with swallowing?
Do you have pain in your mouth?
Swallowing disturbance
Oral hygiene
Urine and fecal problems Do you experience urinary incontinence?
Do you experience fecal incontinence?
Do you have a indwelling urinary catheter?
Do you experience obstipation?
Urinary incontinence
Feacal incontinence
Indwelling urinary catheter use
Skin Do you have pressure ulcer(s)? Pressure ulcer
Pain Visual analogue scale for pain [60] Pain
Allergy Are you allergic? Allergy
Cognition Do you have memory problems?
Mini- Mental State Examination (MMSE) [20]
Cognitive impairment
Delirium Have you ever experienced a delirium?
Confusement Assessment Method(CAM) [61]
Depression Geriatric depression Scale (GDS-2, GDS-15) [21, 62] Depression
Anxiety Do you feel anxious? Anxiety
Dependency Do you smoke?
Use of alcohol [63, 64]
Do you use benzodiazepines?
Alcohol, smoking and medication use
ADL functioning Modified Katz ADL index score [31] ADL dependency
IADL functioning IADL questions of Lawton and Brody [32] IADL dependency
Mobility difficulty Are you using a walking aid? Mobility difficulty
Hearing Do you experience difficulties with hearing, despite the use of a hearing aid? Hearing impairment
Visual Do you experience difficulties with your vision, despite the use of glasses? Visual impairment
Sleep Do you experience problems with sleeping?
Do you use sleeping medication? If yes, how often?
Sleeping disorder
Loneliness Jong Gierveld-questionnaire [38] Loneliness
Finance Can you manage financially? Finance
Health related quality of live EQ-6D [34] Health related quality of live
Burden of caregiver CarerQol instrument [37] Burden of caregiver
Physical examination   
Body mass index (kg/m2) Obesity or weight loss
Blood pressure (mmHg) Hypertension
Pulse (beats/min) Pulse
Grip strength Maximal grip strength in the dominant hand (kg) [22] Frailty
Walking speed Walk three meter at usual pace (seconds) [22] Frailty