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Table 2 Themes of job satisfaction

From: Stigma, an important source of dissatisfaction of health workers in HIV response in Vietnam: a qualitative study

Themes Categories Factors
Unsatisfactory compensation Pay Unsatisfactory salaries
Limited opportunities for additional income
Fringe benefits Uneven distribution of fringe benefits
Uneven distribution of training opportunities
Weak supervision Supervision Lack of positive feedback from supervisors
Lack of understanding of supervisory tools
Inadequate supervision measures
Contingent rewards Annual staff appraisal and rewards: unfair, poorly implemented
Communication Outdated, inefficient ways of communicating
Work-related stress Nature of work Increasing workload
Perceived risk of being infected through contact with PLHIV
HIV-related stigma Nature of work Negative attitudes towards key populations at risk in society
Stigmatization of PLHIV
Stigmatization of professionals because of association with PLHIV
Motivation factors Nature of work Training opportunities
Fringe benefits Intrinsic motivation
Contingent rewards Meaningful tasks
Social recognition