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Table 3 Factors significantly associated with overall accessibility to RH services

From: Equity of access to reproductive health services among youths in resource-limited suburban communities of Mandalay City, Myanmar

Factor Adjusted OR (95% CI) P-value*
Youth's place of residence: ref.= East   < 0.001
 North-west 0.52 (0.25-1.08)  
 West 1.05 (0.60-1.83)  
 South-west 0.36 (0.15-0.84)  
 South 0.29 (0.16-0.52)  
Parental status: ref.= Both alive   0.004
 One or both deceased 0.50 (0.31-0.81)  
Youth's marital status: ref.= Ever married   0.015
 Never married 0.57 (0.36-0.90)  
Youth’s media exposure: ref.= Ever exposed   0.01
 Never exposed 0.55 (0.35-0.86)  
  1. Factors included in the initial model were age group, personal income, father’s education, mother’s education and history of sexual exposure.
  2. OR: Odds Ratio; CI: Confidence Interval; * Likelihood ratio test.