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Table 3 Proportion of psychiatrists (N=579) who reported having management support and worked at clinic with a workplace policy regarding handling of sickness certification of patients

From: Psychiatrists′ work with sickness certification: frequency, experiences and severity of the certification tasks in a national survey in Sweden

Do you and your colleagues at your clinic/practice have a workplace policy for handling matters related to sickness certification? Yes, and it’s well established Yes, but it’s not well established No Don’t know Not applicable. I don’t work in a clinical unit
15.2 12.6 56.0 13.4 2.8
Do you have support from your immediate manager at your practice/clinic regarding sickness certification cases? Yes, extensive support Yes, some support No Not applicable. I don’t have a manager Not applicable. I don’t work at a clinical unit
  15.6 36.0 35.2 12.9 0.4