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Table 2 Health care provider profiles

From: Two sides of the coin: patient and provider perceptions of health care delivery to patients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

Code Gender Occupation Institution Ethnic background Exposure to CALD communities
HP01 female Nutritionist Population Health Not CALD Indirectly through project work
HP02 female Anaesthetist, pre-admission Public hospital English Directly, 20-30%
HP03 female Nutritionist Community & Primary Health services Australian Indirectly through consultation for resource development
HP04 male GP Community general practice Australian (bilingual, Spanish) Directly, 100%
HP05 female GP General Practice Australian Directly, <10%
HP06 female Nutritionist Population Health Dutch Indirectly, previous direct experience
HP07 female Nurse (surgery) Private hospital Former Yugoslav Directly, limited (<1%)
HP08 female Audiologist Public hospital Australian Directly,30-40%
HP09 female Lifestyle management Community Health Caucasian Directly,10-15%
HP10 female GP Private practice & refugee clinic Australian (bilingual, Spanish) Directly, 100% in refugee clinic, minority in general practice
HP11 male Radiographer Public hospital Centro-eastern European Directly, <10% patients
HP12 female Occupational therapist Community Health Not CALD Directly, 30-100% depending on project
HP13 female Cardiac scientist Public Hospital Macedonian Directly,15-20%
HP14 female Coordinator, lifestyle programs Community Health Australian Directly, 5-10%