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Table 1 Components of computerised field management system for the LINKIN Health Census, Port Lincoln, Australia, 2010

From: The LINKIN Health Census process: design and implementation

Main Menu Screen Allow navigation to other components of the FMS. Used by Census Co-ordinator, TLs, DAs, CS and Project Manager.
CCRB Entry Screen To allow the entry of household data from the CCRB. This screen also recorded delivery and collection attempts, the IDs of the CIQs delivered and any comments. Only the DAs entered CCRB data. TLs and the Census Co-ordinator could also make comments in the comments area and indicate when collection attempts were to cease on a particular household (e.g. in the case of derelict properties).
Household Delivery Search Screen This screen allowed search functions on CD number, household number, household address or a specified delivery outcome. This screen was used primarily by the TLs to track households in a specified CD. For example whether all streets in the CD had been visited, etc. Also very useful for tracking duplication of households in the CCRB or duplication of household numbers within a CD.
Household Collection Search This allowed search functions on CD number, household number, household address or a specified collection outcome. Used by TLs, to track collection progress within a CD.
Questionnaires Received Entry Screen This screen recorded the IDs of questionnaires that were collected. A report was generated for a specified day listing all questionnaires entered on that day. The questionnaires and report were then sent to Adelaide for data entry. Used by the DAs.
Staff Screen A list of all the staff with their contact details for quick access.
Delivery Attempts by Delivery Outcome Report / Collection Attempts by Collection Outcome Report Summary of the delivery or collection outcomes for each delivery/collection attempt for each CD. Used by Census Co-ordinator, Project Manager and CS to monitor delivery/collection progress across all CDs. TLs also used this to compare progress amongst their CDs.
Delivery Follow Up Report/ Collection Follow Up Report Lists households that may require follow up during the delivery or collection phase (where contact had not yet been made or the questionnaires were left prematurely or partially collected). Used by TLs.
Final Delivery Outcomes Report / Final Collection Outcomes Report Summary of the final delivery or collection outcomes for each CD including percentages. This was an additional report requested by the TLs and CS. It was originally thought best not to provide such a report as it would focus TLs on comparisons when CDs are inherently different.
Household Comments Report List all households for specified CD where comments have been made. Used to identify where CCs may be experiencing some difficulties. Used by the TLs.
Individual Participant Comments Report Lists all households for a specified CD where an individual has requested assistance in completing the questionnaire. TLs used this report to determine which households they needed to visit in order to conduct an interview.
Household Summary Report Lists all households for a specified CD, indicating delivery and collection outcomes, number of CIQs delivered/collected, cessation of collections and all comments. Used by Census Co-ordinator, Project Manager and TLs. This report was written in the field when it became apparent that a summary document was required.
Questionnaires Entered Log Lists the IDs of all CHQs and CIQs that were entered into the FMS on a specified day. Used by DAs, CS and the Adelaide Data Entry organisation.