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Table 3 Categorizing the intervention's [39] components using four lean principles

From: How does lean work in emergency care? A case study of a lean-inspired intervention at the Astrid Lindgren Children's hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

Lean principles Intervention's components
Standardize work. Specific new job roles-flow manager, team nurse and nurse's aide, and team physician-with job descriptions.
Improvement Principles (IP)
Connect people that are dependent on one another. Team-based organization and changes to work station location.
Create seamless, uninterrupted flow through the process. Centralized management of the patient flow by flow managers, and changes in their work station location.
Team-based organization and changes to work station location.
Additional specialist staffing and work schedule changes.
Empower staff to investigate problems with the process and to develop, test, and implement countermeasures using a "scientific method". Stable structures for continual improvement (team approach to problem solving and coach supervision, and takt board) involving also management (monthly meetings with the management group).